Now you can plan experience of a lifetime

By: Debbie Jevans

(ER 2015) Wednesday 4 December 2013
Now you can plan experience of a lifetime
(Left to right) Brett Gosper - RWCL Managing Director, Bill Beaumont - RFU Chairman, Debbie Jevans - ER 2015 Chief Executive, at the announcement of RWC 2015 ticket prices and kick off times

Last week’s announcement of the ticketing strategy and kick-off times for Rugby World Cup 2015 marked a key milestone in the build-up to the sport’s showcase event. Fans across the world can now start to plan their tournament, whether that means buying a ticket for a match, watching on television or joining in the festival of rugby. The ticketing strategy we  announced is in line with our goal of delivering a spectacular celebration of rugby which encourages more people to play and support the game.

Over two million tickets will go on sale next year. One million of these will be priced at £100 or less and around 500,000 at £50 or less. At least 50 per cent of all tickets will go directly to fans and, after official travelling supporter and hospitality packages have gone on sale, we will distribute tickets in three ways.

Firstly in May/June we will distribute around 500,000 tickets to rugby fans through clubs affiliated to the RFU. Then in September 2014 we will run a public ballot for around 700,000 remaining tickets. Finally, any remaining tickets will then go on sale on a first-come first-served basis in November/December.

It is inevitable that comparisons will be drawn between some of our top end prices and those of other major sporting events and I welcome these associations. Our premium prices allow us to have a number of tickets at a low entry price whilst still generating the revenue we need to stage the tournament.

We have a host of matches where entry prices are as low as £7 for children and £15 for adults. Families and youngsters can enjoy the Rugby World Cup, with concessions for children at 41 of the 48 matches, and a family of four can watch Australia and South Africa in action for just £70.

Our vision is to welcome rugby and the world to England in 2015 and with this in mind tickets have been made as accessible as possible and listed on this website, so that everyone can understand the ticketing process.

Kick-off times were also announced and represent a balanced and equitable match schedule which has rugby at heart. The finalised programme takes into account the needs of both players and fans and has already been praised for its fairness, ensuring that the 20 competing teams all enjoy similar rest times between matches at RWC 2015.

The build-up to RWC 2015 is well under way, and last week’s announcement of the ticketing strategy and kick-off times was another hugely important landmark in the preparations for one of the greatest sporting events on earth. Fans across the world can now begin to make concrete plans for RWC 2015, and I know that however they choose to get involved, they will be guaranteed a fantastic experience and create some unforgettable memories which will last a lifetime.