RWC 2011 Draw streamed live

(RUGBYWORLDCUP.COM) Monday 17 November 2008
RWC 2011 Draw streamed live
An artist's impression of how the Ball will look

The Rugby World Cup 2011 Pool Allocation Draw, which takes place in London on 1 December 2008, will be shown live on from 15:00 UK time.

For the first time the Draw will use the IRB World Rankings to seed the 12 pre-qualified teams.

Members of the Maori community will welcome the team representatives plus Bernard Lapasset, Chairman, Rugby World Cup Limited, and Jock Hobbs, Chairman, Rugby New Zealand 2011, ahead of the Draw, which is taking place inside a huge inflatable Ball last seen next to the Eiffel Tower in Paris during RWC 2007.

As in 2007, there will be four pools of five teams in RWC 2011. The top three positions, or bands, in each pool will be filled by the 12 pre-qualified teams from the last RWC.

The 12 pre-qualified teams are: Argentina, Australia, England, Fiji, France, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, Tonga and Wales.

Top three bands

From these 12 teams, the top four in the IRB World Rankings on 1 December 2008 will be allocated to band one - or the top line in each pool - and drawn randomly into the pools. The next four teams will be allocated into band two with the remaining four teams allocated into band three.

Banding of 12 automatic qualified teams:
Band 1: Top four ranked qualified teams (1 to 4 in IRB World Rankings)
Band 2: Next four ranked qualified teams (5 to 8 in IRB World Rankings)
Band 3: Bottom four ranked qualified teams (according to World Rankings)

This means that teams ranked in the top four of the IRB World Rankings on 1 December 2008 will not be drawn in the same RWC 2011 pool. Equally, a team ranked five to eight in the rankings will definitely be in the same pool as a team ranked one to four.

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Bands four and five

There are also eight qualifying places available for RWC 2011. For the Pool Allocation Draw they will be allocated into bands four and five of each pool.

Banding of eight teams yet to qualify:
Band 4: Oceania 1, Europe 1, Europe 2, Americas 1
Band 5: Africa 1, Asia 1, Americas 2, Play Off place

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RWC 2011 knockout structure

Following the RWC 2011 pool matches, the knockout rounds will follow the same structure as RWC 2003 and RWC 2007. The full structure is as follows:

Quarter Final 1: Winner Pool C v Runner-up Pool D
Quarter Final 2: Winner Pool B v Runner-up Pool A
Quarter Final 3: Winner Pool D v Runner-up Pool C
Quarter Final 4: Winner Pool A v Runner-up Pool B

Semi-Final 1: Winner QF1 v Winner QF2
Semi-Final 2: Winner QF3 v Winner QF4

Bronze Final: Loser SF1 v Loser SF2

Final: Winner SF1 v Winner SF2