Next steps for Phase 1 Ticket Applications

(RNZ 2011) Wednesday 16 June 2010
Next steps for Phase 1 Ticket Applications
Ticket applications for Phase 1 are currently being processed.

The early response for Rugby World Cup 2011 (RWC 2011) tickets has been very strong. Fans from around the world have applied for more than 600,000 tickets during the first phase of ticketing.

Applications for Venue and Team Pool Packs totalled 125,000. In addition, 40,000 applications were received for Quarter-final Weekend Packs and the Bronze Final.

Demand for some packs, particularly the Eden Park Pool Pack and the New Zealand Pool Pack, exceeds availability. In addition specific seating categories within other Venue and Team Pool Packs are also oversubscribed. This inevitably means that some applicants will be unsuccessful during Phase 1.

Over the next month Rugby New Zealand 2011 Ltd (RNZ 2011) will be processing applications. In cases where demand exceeds availability, a randomisation process will determine success.

Below is some useful information for those who applied for tickets.

If your application is successful or partially successful, your payment will be processed between June 17 and June 25, 2010. Payment will be charged to your card (in NZ$).

If you are a New Zealand resident and have chosen the RWC 2011 Payment Plan, the first of six instalments (plus the $25 administration fee) will be charged to your card between June 17 and June 25, 2010.

If payment is unable to be processed during this time, a Customer Services Representative will endeavour to contact you to arrange alternative payment. If your payment is unable to be processed by Friday July 9, 2010 your application may be cancelled. Remember, it is your responsibility to ensure you have sufficient funds on your card to ensure payment can be processed.

Please note that your credit card statement will show a charge from Ticketek NZ Limited (RWC 2011 Ticketing's Ticket Agent) if your application is successful or partially successful.

Confirmation emails/letters
You should receive notification of the outcome of your application by early July 2010. If you have not provided an email address, or our email is unable to be delivered to your address, then this notification will be sent to you by standard post so please allow time for this.

If your application was not successful this time around, there are still several opportunities to secure tickets.

Second Chance Pack offer
A limited number of Second Chance Packs will be made available for those customers whose applications were either wholly or partially unsuccessful. Second Chance Packs will comprise of remaining tickets not allocated in this phase; availability will vary across Teams and Venues. Those who were unsuccessful will receive more information about these packs in July 2010.

Individual Match Tickets
The Individual Ticket phase for RWC 2011 will commence in September 2010. Just go to to keep up to date as further details are released, or sign up to receive Ticket Alerts.

Ballots for semi-final and Final tickets
If you elected to enter the ballots for the option to purchase Semi-final and/or Final tickets, the ballots are now expected to take place in early 2011. Further information will be published on in late 2010.