Fessia answers Argentina SOS

(Rugby News Service) Monday 5 September 2011
Fessia answers Argentina SOS
Genaro Fessia hopes to make his RWC debut in New Zealand

DUNEDIN, 6 Sept. - Genaro Fessia was the last player to join the Argentina squad, but a permanent grin is on the back row’s face now he is with the Pumas again.

Fessia made his international debut in 2005 but was not in the Argentina squad that finished third at RWC 2007 in France.

He very nearly missed out on this occasion too, but an injury to Álvaro Galindo saw Fessia called up by coach Santiago Phelan a few days before flying to New Zealand. 

"At the beginning it was strange," Fessia, 30, said. "Despite having spent much time with most of the team, it felt strange to be back among them, even if I now feel at home. I feel as if I’d never left.

"I will now try to do my best for the team wherever I play. If I go on the field, it will be with everything I’ve got. If I don’t, I will lend a hand where it’s needed."

English experience

Fessia has recently been on trial at Wasps and the London club is considering signing him next season.

He could face future club teammates in Argentina's first RWC 2011 match, the Pool B clash with England in Dunedin on 10 September.

"We’re closely analysing England’s moves," Fessia said. "They’re a solid team and if we allow them room it will be very hard to stop them.

"Our defence will be a key aspect. We must tackle low and prevent them from carrying the ball."

Fessia revealed he was regularly asked for his opinions on the upcoming RWC when in England.

"I was often asked about Argentina and our hopes for the World Cup, and I would answer that it all largely depended on the outcome of the first match.

"On English soil, people aren’t too aware about Argentina’s performance four years ago in France. At least, I didn’t hear much about it."

Fessia concluded: “They’re a solid team and they’ve come to this World Cup after a great year, but the match is in our hands.”

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