Social Media Round-up: Week 5

(RNZ 2011) Tuesday 11 October 2011
Social Media Round-up: Week 5
The Social Media Award for Week 5 goes to New Zealand. The @Allblacks have more Twitter followers than any other team.

Fan Trail

Welcome to the semi-final week of RWC 2011. Last weekend's quarter-final matches featured Wales defeating Ireland and Australia knocking South Africa out in the Wellington matches, while France beat England and New Zealand won against Argentina at Eden Park. So the RWC 2011 semi-finalists are the same as RWC 1987. In this week's Social Media Roundup we'll update you on the key social media stats, follow up on our Twibbon campaign from Week 4 and celebrate the Fanzones in Auckland and Wellington.

RWC2011 mentions on Twitter

The two quarter-final matches in Wellington generated the most buzz on Twitter. In fact there were more tweets posted on Saturday mentioning #RWC2011 than on the night of the Opening Ceremony.

RWC 2011 Twitter Week 5 Facebook Engagement
  • Since the Tournament began there have been almost 24,000 posts by fans on their teams' Facebook page. This is fantastic engagement for those teams.
  • Every team with an official Facebook page has been posting updates throughout the Tournament. Fans comment and/or like these updates generating further engagement. Since September 1st there have been 2326 updates posted by teams that have generated 423,518 likes and 102,442 comments.
  • The official RWC2011 Facebook page has posted 301 updates, generating 271,348 likes and 105,686 comments.
  • Since September 1st RWC2011 and teams have gained more than 312,000 new fans on Facebook

Twitter Engagement

  • There have been more than 860,000 tweets since September 1 mentioning a RWC 2011 team
  • Mentions of RWC 2011 have now exceeded 1,071,168 Tweets since September 2011
  • Including all teams, hashtags and @rugbyworldcup there have been more than 1,931,215 tweets about the #RWC2011
  • Since September 1 RWC 2011 and teams have gained more than 125,000 new followers on Twitter
French fans


In last week's Social Media Roundup we profiled Twibbons for each of the quarter-final teams. Twibbons are logo overlays for your Twitter or Facebook profile picture to show support for your favourite team. So here's a tally up of how many people loaded a Twibbon for their team. Click your team now to support them through the semi-finals.


Fanzones have been a hub for locals and tourists to experience RWC 2011 together. Like a constant festival of food music and Rugby. Check out these photos posted on flickr over the last week of the action at fanzones in Auckland and Wellington.


Social Media Award

The Social Media Award for Week 5 goes to New Zealand. The @Allblacks have more Twitter followers than any other team. Tweets by players like Piri Weepu from the @AllBlacks account have created countless retweets and comments. New Zealand's Facebook page is second only to the official Rugby World Cup Facebook page and one of the most active and engaging of all the teams.  Social Media Award - All Blacks 

RNZ 2011 / Justin Flitter