Fans spread the word at RWC 2011

(Rugby News Service) Saturday 15 October 2011
Fans spread the word at RWC 2011
An Argentine family tell the world how close they are

AUCKLAND, 15 Oct. - Supporters have had a lot of fun dressing up in bizarre costumes to attend matches at Rugby World Cup 2011.

They have also gone to great lengths to make banners and placards emblazoned with messages.

Some have been words of encouragement to their teams, some to family back home and some so cheeky and downright outlandish that they could not possibly be published on a family website.

Then there was the photo of the kissing couple with an England flag proclaiming to the world that they were just married - two people in union in a world in union.

That was their message. What would be yours?

God give us another hand: Argentina fans on their way to the match against England remind their rivals of the infamous 'Hand of God' goal by Diego Maradona during the football World Cup in 1986

Rocket men: Russia supporters also indulge in a wind-up as they help USA fans recall which nation was first to send a rocket and a man into space

Bokke to basics: A South Africa fan carries a banner recounting the country's progress in previous World Cups and offers support to the team before their Pool D match against Fiji

Breath of fresh flair: Fans made this sign for England's Jonny Wilkinson who did have trouble with conversions and penalties, but at least he will have got a kick out of it

Sympathy card: Fans of South Africa and Namibia share a joke as their nations clash. The fact they saw plenty of tries was on this occasion worth the admission money           Credit: INPHO

Wild cards: New Zealand-based rugby supporters show where their allegiances lie as they help to create a thrilling atmosphere before the match between England and Romania in Dunedin

To Russia with love: A Scotland fan turns up to support Russia and this McDonaldski probably teamed up with pal wee McWhisky after the match

Song and short of it: Supporters laugh and sing as they wait for the start of the match between France and England

It's a Rand old team to pay for: South Africa fans make it clear they did not care what it cost them to follow their team to the Rugby World Cup

Aaawwww, that's so cute: A kissing English couple let the world know they are just married - and they would have loved the Rugby World Cup as a present

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