How Fiji and Australia struck gold in Asia

(IRB.COM) Monday 30 April 2012
How Fiji and Australia struck gold in Asia
Australia had the highest ruck success in Asia, aiding their victory in Japan

Some interesting stats as the IRB's Game Analysis report has been published from rounds six and seven of the HSBC Sevens World Series. 

Rounds six and seven of the 2011/12 HSBC Sevens World Series were won by Fiji and Australia respectively in Hong Kong and Japan. 

The report comprises a quantitative analysis of all elements of play, together with the approach and performance of all participating teams in various aspects of the game.


Across the two tournaments, some interesting statistics saw Australia have the highest ruck success of any of the other competing teams, winning 88% of their own rucks in attack giving them a strong platform to win in Tokyo.

Michael O'Connor's side also demonstrated their ability to keep possession as the young Australian side had  an average of 54%, the third highest behind South Africa and Portugal who both had 56% in their matches. 

The average number of passes for a team was 35.5 per match, but Australia's was the second highest of all the teams, averaging 43.

Of all the passing movements, 16% comprised five or more, whereas Australia passed the ball more than five times once every 4.2 movements, the most of any team.

The Hong Kong Sevens winners, Fiji, had the second highest regain success from their own restarts, winning one in every 1.3, from which they scored five of their 42 tries.

The islanders also had the meanest defence, conceding the fewest tries across the two tournaments, 31 and conceding an average of 1.8 per match.

They also had the second best attack, behind New Zealand, scoring an average of 3.5 tries and 23 points per match.

Australia's victory in Japan moved them on to 84 points in their overall standing position of sixth, whilst Fiji sit just six points behind New Zealand at the top of the ladder.


Highest average possession – Portugal
Highest passing rate – Hong Kong
Lowest passing rate – Fiji
Highest rucking rate – Hong Kong
Lowest rucking rate - Fiji
Highest ruck success – Australia
Lowest ruck success – France
Most likely to kick – Argentina
Least likely to kick – Hong Kong

Highest contestable restart success – Hong Kong
Most likely to kick contestable restarts – Portugal
Least likely to kick contestable restarts - England
Highest scrum success – 7 teams - 100%
Highest lineout success – 6 teams - 100%
Penalised the least – South Africa
Penalised the most – Kenya
Most yellow/red cards – New Zealand