Q&A: Will Greenwood and Lawrence Dallaglio

(Other) Friday 21 September 2012
Q&A: Will Greenwood and Lawrence Dallaglio
Will Greenwood believes RWC 2015 will galvanise the nation like the Olympics did

Rugby World Cup 2015 is only three years away and to celebrate the milestone, England Rugby 2015 Ambassadors Will Greenwood and Lawrence Dallaglio took to Twitter this week to answer your questions.

The Rugby World Cup 2003 winners were part of a vintage England side, with Greenwood providing cut-and-thrust from midfield and Dallaglio packing down at the base of one of the finest packs to grace the tournament.

The questions for the Ambassadors flooded in and covered a wide range of topics from Rugby World Cup 2015, to their careers and the wider landscape of the world Game. 

Here we give you a taste of the action after Twitter’s rugby fans joined together to #AskWill and #AskLawrence.

On the Olympics and Rugby World Cup 2015:

@waspsladies asked Will: Do you think the UK public will get behind RWC 2015 as they have done for the Olympics?

Will: Absolutely. The public will get behind it, we are mad for our sport. The team will be competitive – perfect mix.

@MRrugbyworldcup asked Lawrence: If you could use the Olympic Stadium as a venue, what games would you play there?

Lawrence: Given the success of the Olympics, it seems a natural choice to use for matches up to the semis. I feel Twickenham is right for the Final.

@outclosetrugby asked Will: Would you please be so kind and indicate what legacy RWC 2015 will leave behind?

Will: It will galvanise the nation like the Olympics, increase numbers of participants on and off the pitch.

@IRBSevens asked Lawrence: Would you have stayed in Sevens if you knew you could have been an Olympian?

Lawrence: No, I wouldn’t have been able to play at the top level in 15s. Sevens was great development for my game, but 15s was always my focus.

On their careers:

@williamsTRFC asked Lawrence: How did your rugby career first kick off, how did you get spotted?

Lawrence: I started playing when I was eight at Staines RFC, but it got going when I joined Wasps in 1989 following a trial.

@jackbromley3 asked Will: Who is the biggest hitter you’ve played against?

Will: Any Springbok – they are monsters! Andre Venter right up there.

@MiniLaddd asked Lawrence: Is there anything you regret not doing during your career?

Lawrence: If I was being picky I could have had a couple of seasons in France/Italy.

On developing the Game:

@dsabin1983 asked Lawrence: Do you think second string sides should be allowed in the Nations Cup?

Lawrence: We should always look at ways we can develop second tier nations. Previous RWCs have shown they are getting better all the time.

On volunteering:

@thirtygoingon asked Lawrence: I was a London 2012 GamesMaker, please can I volunteer at RWC 2015?

Lawrence: You can register to be a volunteer here: www.rugbyworldcup.com/signup

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