Rugby World Cup 2019 Organising Committee Japan 2019, is now requesting proposals and supporting information from companies interested in assisting in the delivery of Rugby World Cup 2019. The procurement opportunities will be detailed on this page on Please see the latest opportunities below.

Rugby World Cup 2019 Organising Committee: Procurement Information

Subject Rugby World Cup 2019™ Japan Accommodation and Transport Centre Operations
RFP Distribution Period January 17, 2017 (Tuesday) to January 27, 2017 (Friday)
(Not including weekends and holidays)
Conditions 1. Must be registered as a Class 1 Travel Operator under the Travel Agency Act (Act No. 239 of 1952).
2. Able to conduct business in Japanese.
3. Experience with major international sports events involving multiple teams competing at multiple venues.
4. In the case that a consortium is formed by multiple suppliers, the representative supplier should be clearly indicated in the proposal. Either one of the suppliers should meet the conditions listed above.
Application Process

●We will only distribute the Request for Proposal (RFP) to interested companies who have signed the Non-disclosure Agreement provided by our organisation. (Please submit company information along with the signed Non-disclosure Agreement)

●Both the Non-disclosure Agreement and the RFP will be in Japanese.

●If you are interested in receiving a RFP, please send an email to the address listed below within the given distribution period.

※Schedule and Selection process is written in the RFP.


Rugby World Cup 2019 Organising Committee

*Please send your emails to the address above with the subject line: “Enquiries Regarding the Selection of the Accommodation and Transport Centre Operator”

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Subject 【Closed】Rugby World Cup 2019TM Japan Ticketing Supplier