Brazil behind Sevens push for Rio 2016

(IRB.COM) Wednesday 7 October 2009
Brazil behind Sevens push for Rio 2016
United front: Brazil women's Sevens captain Beatriz 'Baby' Futuro (right), her sister Cristiana (left) and teammate Bárbara Rodrigues Santiago

The International Olympic Committee voted the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro as the host city for the 2016 Olympic Games last Friday, and in the aftermath of that decision the country's women's Sevens team have been expressing their delight and hope for the Sevens game.

Brazil are unbeaten in five years of South American women's Sevens competition and won the right to represent the continent at the first ever Rugby World Cup Sevens for women, earlier this year in Dubai.

With one part of their Copenhagen jigsaw having fallen into place, members of the side are now turning their attention to Sevens rugby's final push for inclusion in the 2016 Games.

We caught up with captain Beatriz 'Baby' Futuro, her sister Cristiana and teammate Bárbara Rodrigues Santiago, and the message was clear.

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"Rio is ready to receive rugby Sevens in 2016 at the Olympics. Having Sevens in the 2016 Olympics would be incredible," they said.

"For us as athletes it would be a proud moment to compete in our sport, here in our country.

"It is a perfect fit – quick and creative, like the Carnival!

"It would be superb to have our rugby friends from all around the world here with us.

"Brazilian rugby awaits you here for the Olympic Games of 2016

Photos: Frankie Deges