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  • When do tickets go on sale?
  • Can I apply now?
  • How much will tickets cost?
  • What age range is included in child prices?
  • Are there child prices at every game?
  • Will there be other concessions?
  • How much will tickets cost for disabled people?
  • Will the amount of general sale tickets available depend on how many are sold to rugby fans?
  • Will there be ticket bundles for venues, teams or pools?
  • I am a member of a rugby club – will I have access to tickets in May 2014?
  • When will ticket applications open for the general sale to the public and how do they work?
  • When will travel packages go on sale and what do they include?
  • Are travel packages available for people living in the UK?
  • How can I buy a travel package?
  • How will I know which travel packages are official?
  • When will hospitality packages go on sale and what packages are on offer?
  • What are the ticket terms & conditions?
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