When do tickets go on sale?

Fans have a number of opportunities to buy tickets. All remaining tickets are currently being sold in real-time on a first come first served basis on the official Rugby World Cup 2015 ticketing site tickets.rugbyworldcup.com, and will remain on sale until they sell out. Travelling fan packages (Supporter Tours)  and Hospitality packages are also on sale. 

Can I buy tickets now?

Yes. You can buy tickets directly from the official ticketing website, or click here for information on how to buy Supporter Tour and Hospitality packages.

How much do tickets cost?

Tickets prices start at £7 for children and £15 for adults.

What age range is included in child prices?

A child price is available to anyone under the age of 16 as at September 18, 2015.

Are there child prices at every game?

There are child prices at 41 of the 48 matches, including all pool matches and the Bronze Final.

Are there other concessions?

Rugby World Cup 2015 has child prices at 41 of the 48 games. There will be no senior concession prices at Rugby World Cup 2015.

How can I buy an accesible seat?

These are sold through our free phone accessibility line - 0800 230 0000. Our team will make the sale and take the time to understand the level of service required by the customer purchasing your tickets. Alternatively you can email ticketing@england2015.com.

Are there ticket bundles for venues, teams or pools?

We want fans to create their own tournament experience and decide on the matches that they want to be at in 2015. All fans have the chance to create their own ‘follow my team’ experience; for example a Scottish fan can apply for their 4 pool matches to follow their team right across the nation.

When will travel packages go on sale and what do they include?

These packages were launched on January 1, 2014. Travelling Supporter Tour packages are available to fans living outside the UK but are also available to fans in the UK and include a ticket, hotel and travel, as well as overseas fans. Fans have a variety of options and can build packages to suit their own requirements. For more information click on these packages click on the tabs above.

Are travel packages available for people living in the UK?

UK based fans that would like short break packages including transport, accommodation and tickets can purchase Supporter Tour packages from the Official Travel Agent for the UK, England Rugby Travel Limited. Further details can be found at www.rugbyworldcup.com/supportertours.

How can I buy a travel package?

Official Travel Agents (OTAs) have been appointed to sell travel packages in the UK and around the world. OTAs will be able to create a package that includes accommodation, tickets and travel arrangements as well as excursions and tourist attractions as required.  Travel Supporter Tour packages went on sale on January 1, 2014 and will remain on sale until sold out. Details of all OTAs can be found at www.rugbyworldcup.com/supportertours.

How will I know which travel packages are official?

Fans should only buy where they see the official Rugby World Cup 2015 logo. All of the appointed travel agents will market travel packages under this brand. Fans can utilise the Rugby World Cup website to check if an agent is an official provider. Click here for more information.

When will hospitality packages go on sale and what packages are on offer?

Hospitality packages went on sale from February 1, 2014. There are a range of packages to suit all fans and more information can be found here.

What are the ticket terms & conditions?

The ticketing terms & conditions can be found here.

How do I post a ticket for resale if i Can no longer attend a match?

For full details on how to post your tickets for resale go to our Resale Service User Guide.

Is there a cut-off date for me to post tickets for resale?

No. However should you choose to put tickets up for sale after they have been posted to you, you will not receive a refund until you have returned the tickets.

What will happen if the tickets I have returned for resale remain unsold?

If the ticket/tickets remains unsold it will be returned to the customer's account and sent to them. Tickets posted for resale after tickets have been printed and fulfilled will need to return the original ticket to the Rugby World Cup 2015 Ticketing Team.
Any resale tickets that remain unsold 24 hours before the start of a match will be returned to your account and available for you to use on match day.

I have read about additional tickets going on sale, is this correct and how can I find out more?

With unprecedented demand for tickets, additional tickets will go on sale to the public where possible. Any newly released tickets are a mixture of handbacks from the Rugby World Cup Limited (tournament owners) commercial programme, extra seats from the venues and tickets that have been registered for resale from fans that can no longer use their tickets.

Do babies/babes in arms need a ticket?

Yes, everyone will need a ticket in order to gain admission to a venue. This includes babes in arms.