Likely the Japanese city most known by non-Japanese, Tokyo thus may not need much introduction. However, the capital city continues to surprise, intrigue and amaze visitors from around the world as well as from Japan.

“Senso-ji Temple”

With nearly 10 percent of the population of Japan within its city limits, Tokyo still manages to flow and function in providing to visitors and residents alike a world-class level of historical attractions, entertainment and cultural activities, and dining and hospitality choices. All this, along with general safety, public services and transportation delivered on a scale befitting the world’s largest metropolitan region. Tokyo looks to exceed the expectations of the entire rugby world from the moment it hosts the opening match of Rugby World Cup 2019, to the Final match closing out the celebration.

“Shibuya and its famous pedestrian scramble crossing”

Tokyo is a cornucopia of sightseeing delights: the old downtown area where the futuristic Tokyo Skytree ®coexists with an ancient temple; Harajuku, setting trends for youth culture; Shibuya and its famous pedestrian scramble crossing; Odaiba, the popular waterfront area; the Ogasawara Islands, a world heritage site; and many more.

“The Sumida River Fireworks Festival”

Tokyo celebrates Japan’s four seasons with famous festivals like the Cherry Blossoms Festival around the Imperial Palace moat in Chiyoda; the Sumida River Fireworks Festival, the oldest fireworks display in Japan; the Mt. Takao Maple Festival, featuring lovely autumn foliage; and New Year visits to Meiji Jingu Shrine.

“Fukagawameshi (rice cooked with flavored clams)”

Enjoy Tokyo’s local cuisine, including sushi, soba noodles, monjayaki (a kind of pancake), fukagawameshi (rice cooked with flavored clams), dojonabe (pond loach hot pot), and Chankonabe (famous as a “sumo wrestler” stew). Traditional handicrafts, like beautiful Edo Kiriko cut glass, make extremely popular souvenirs.

Venue – Tokyo Stadium

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