A healthy and happy life. Since its founding in 1912, Taisho Pharmaceutical has sought to assist people in attaining this wish through the development of various products.

Taisho Pharmaceutical has built a solid position as a leader in over-the-counter drugs in Japan and we continue to expand our Self-Medication and Pharmaceutical businesses. Our self-medication business mainly provides over-the-counter drugs, quasi-drugs, and health foods. We have a number of top brands, including Lipovitan D energy drink, Pabron cold remedies, RiUP hair regrowth treatment, and have led the domestic over-the-counter drug market. The pharmaceutical business , our second core business, deals with prescription pharmaceuticals. Aiming to develop highly unique, world-class new drugs, we are constantly working on research and development, positioning four disease categories as priority areas. In recent years, a series of our own products have entered the market, including Lusefi, a type 2 diabetes drug, and LOQOA, percutaneous absorption type anti-inflammatory analgesic. We are developing our global business mainly in Southeast Asia, where markets are expected to continue to expand with population increases and economic growth.

In 1963, we started overseas promotion of Lipovitan D, an energy drink that boasts an overwhelming share in the Japanese market. It played a major role in establishing the first drink market in a number of countries and became a pioneer of energy drinks.

While leading the market in over-the-counter drugs, Taisho intend to strengthen the development capabilities of pharmaceuticals to achieve balanced and sustainable growth and enhance competitiveness.

Taisho Pharmaceutical has supported the development of rugby in Japan. We have been an official sponsor of the Japan National Rugby Teams since 2001, and we have been a title sponsor for matches between Japan National Rugby Teams and invited overseas teams since 2002, and we have served as an official partner for the Japanese national team since 2016.

2019 is the year when Japan will host Rugby World Cup, and it is also the 120th anniversary of Japan Rugby. We are honored to be able to participate as Official Sponsor of Rugby World Cup 2019 in this year of commemoration. The holding of this event is expected to further promote the appeal of rugby and help to popularize it. Click here to read more about Taisho's involvement with RWC 2019.