Disciplinary - Alesana Tuilagi (Samoa) appeal decision

Samoa player Alesana Tuilagi’s appeal is partially successful as his suspension is reduced from 5 to 2 weeks.

LONDON, 9 October 2015 – Samoa player Alesana Tuilagi’s appeal against his suspension for 5 weeks for an act of foul play contrary to Law 10.4(a) of the Laws of the Game (striking with the knee) has been partially upheld.

The appeal was heard by an Appeal Committee chaired by the Honourable Justice Lex Mpati (South Africa), sitting with Messrs Terry Willis (Australia) and Robbie Deans (New Zealand).

The Appeal Committee conducted a detailed review of all the evidence, including a review of all camera angles, additional evidence provided by the player and submissions from his legal representatives.

The Appeal Committee upheld the finding that the player had committed an act of foul play. The Appeal Committee determined that the offence was low-end, which has an entry point of 3 weeks. However, taking into account mitigating factors including his impeccable conduct during the hearing, good character and record over a long career and the absence of any off-field aggravating factors, the player was suspended for a period of 2 weeks.

The player’s suspension will now continue up to and including 16 October 2015 on which date he is free to return to play.