Preparations for Japan’s hosting of Rugby World Cup 2019 have reached another exciting milestone with the launch of official marks that will further connect host cities and prefectures with the tournament and build engagement and excitement across the host nation.

While the 2019 tournament mark was unveiled in October 2015, a collection of related marks to identify the status of host city, team camp and proud host entities has been developed, with key colour codes assigned to each level. 

The host city mark is for each official host municipality and will incorporate the main colour of aotake green, a deep blue-green tone inspired by the colour of young, vigorously growing bamboo stalks. This bamboo colour appears in many traditional festive occasions, and the bamboo itself symbolises strength, unity and cohesion.

The team camp mark identifies the specific training facility and area for each qualifying national team, and will be represented by the hanada blue colour, based on the traditional indigo deep blue that has been used for centuries as a dye in Japan. The Nihon Shoki, the second oldest book of classical Japanese history, compiled in AD 720, contains references to this colour, which is derived from ink pressed from flowers.

The proud host mark is for the Japan Rugby Football Union, the governmental agencies and public entities (such as the Ministry of Education, Culture Sports, Science and Technology and the Japan Sports Council) assisting in the staging of the 2019 tournament. This affiliation will be coded by the sakura pink colour, the tone of the cherry blossoms at their peak flowering. Subtle but distinctive, the colour is also very evocative of classic Japanese imagery that incorporates this cherry blossom motif, as well as the nickname for the Japanese national team, the Brave Blossoms.

World Rugby Chairman Bernard Lapasset said: “These marks help to connect the municipalities and other organisations to the fans of the tournament while building a strong and consistent identity.

“Rugby World Cup 2019 will be a tournament for the entire nation of Japan from Sapporo City in the north to Kumamoto, nearly 1,500km away in the south. Indeed, given it is the first time the tournament will be held in Asia, it is a chance for rugby lovers throughout the region to be a part of a truly amazing event happening on their doorstep.”

Japan Rugby 2019 Chief Executive Akira Shimazu said: “We are very happy to see these unique marks because the colours are based on traditional Japanese colours. Our stakeholders will use these marks for promotional activity of RWC 2019, and we will enhance the brand of Rugby World Cup in Japan.

“JR 2019 are getting ready for RWC 2019 step by step steadily and are looking forward to welcoming all of the rugby family to Japan in 2019.”

The launch of these marks continues a big year for the tournament with the team camp process set to be launched, host broadcast provider appointed and further commercial deals concluded as the global rugby family anticipates a ground-breaking Rugby World Cup that will reach and inspire new audiences.