Rugby World Cup 2019 Procurement Opportunity

Rugby World Cup Limited, is now requesting proposals and supporting information from companies interested in assisting in the delivery of Rugby World Cup 2019. Please see the latest opportunity below.

Rugby World Cup Ltd: Procurement Information

RWC 2019 LED signage tender

In preparation for Rugby World Cup 2019, Rugby World Cup Ltd. wishes to invite qualified suppliers to tender for the right to provide the services and equipment required relating to LED Field of Play Perimeter Signage for the Tournament.  Perimeter signage is an extremely important part of the event for RWCL’s sponsorship programme and the highest quality equipment and standards must be applied to achieve the desired result for all stakeholders.  RWCL is looking to receive responses to this RFP which provide innovative and comprehensive solutions to the provision, transportation, delivery, installation, operation, de-installation, maintenance, insurance, storage and management of the Tournament’s LED signage. 

Suppliers interested in receiving the Request for Proposals (RFP) documentation should have a proven track record in supplying and managing LED perimeter signage at world-class sporting events and will be expected to provide evidence of sufficient resources and experience to provide all the necessary services, including design, production, installation and operation as well as appropriate infrastructure and adequately trained personnel.  In particular, experience of working in Japan will be important.

Rugby World Cup is the flagship event of the sport and it is imperative that the provision of these services and equipment for the event are of a world-class nature.

Interested parties should apply to