Volunteer FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions on The Pack

When will I find out if I’ve been successful in joining The Pack?

The majority of offers to join The Pack will be made between January and March 2015. A small number of further offers will be made post March 2015.

What does my role in The Pack entail?

For more information on your role in The Pack please see http://www.rugbyworldcup.com/volunteers

I have been a offered a role in The Pack but would prefer a different role. Can I request for my role to be changed?

It is not possible to request a different role to the one you have been offered. The role you have been offered is based on your skills and experience and the requirements of each match venue.

Will I only be volunteering at the match venue that I put as my first preference on my application form?

Successful applicants will be assigned, where possible, to the match venue which is closest to them.

How long do I have to accept my role in The Pack?

We encourage you to accept your role as soon as possible. If you do not accept your role within 10 days you may risk losing your place in The Pack to another applicant.

I have accepted my role in The Pack. What happens next?

Upon accepting the role you have been offered in The Pack you will receive an email confirming your role title, team and match venue. We will subsequently be in touch about the next steps of your volunteer journey to the Tournament.

I have rejected my role in The Pack. Could I be offered another one in the future?

You will not be offered a different role in The Pack should you reject your initial offer.

I have accepted my role in The Pack but my circumstances have changed and I can no longer volunteer at Rugby World Cup 2015. What should I do?

Please call 0800 731 2015 (from a mobile call 0330 123 2015) between 09:00 and 17:00 from Monday to Friday or email ThePack@england2015.com

How long are shifts expected to be?

The majority of shifts are expected to be 6-8 hours although this is subject to variation depending on your specific role in The Pack.

How many shifts will I be required for?

We anticipate most volunteers will be asked to work between two and 10 shifts, although some roles may be needed for longer. Volunteers should be available for a minimum of all match days at their allocated match venue. Please see the link below for Rugby World Cup 2015’s fixture list.


How long before my shifts starts to do have to be at my match venue?

The exact start time of your shift will depend on your match venue. A personalised schedule will be provided in advance of the Tournament.  There may be a small number of roles that will commence a number of weeks in advance of the Tournament.

Will accommodation and travel expenses be paid for?

Any accommodation and/or travel expenses incurred cannot be reimbursed.

What provision have you made for disabled volunteers?

Every volunteer will be asked at each stage of the process if they have any adjustments that they would like England Rugby 2015 to make in order for them to carry out their training and role at the Tournament.

I have a specific dietary requirement. Will I be able to request a different meal during my shifts?

Volunteers will receive a meal or a voucher that can be redeemed for a meal during every shift worked. Where a meal pack is provided, there will be a vegetarian option. However, we will be unable to specifically provide vegan, halal, kosher, dairy-free or gluten-free meals or cater for any other dietary requirements.

I am unable to attend the Workforce Kick-Off event and/or training event(s). Can somebody else take my place?

Only members of The Pack will be invited to and able to attend the Workforce Kick-Off and training events.

We encourage all members of The Pack to attend the Workforce Kick-Off event and both training events. Each event helps prepare you for volunteering at the Tournament as well giving you the chance to meet fellow members of The Pack.

I have a ticket to a match at Rugby World Cup 2015. Can I attend the match instead of volunteering on that day?

The majority of roles in The Pack will require you to volunteer on each of your assigned Match venue’s match days. With that in mind, please be aware that Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets purchased directly from England Rugby 2015 that you can no longer use due to volunteering commitments may be transferred to a third party via the Official Ticket Resale Service which will operate from early 2015.

Please click on the following link for full ticketing FAQs and Terms & Conditions. https://tickets.rugbyworldcup.com/staticpages/faqs.aspx