The pressure's on, but who is feeling it most? The mind games are in full swing with the semi-finals edging ever closer.

TOKYO, 24 Oct - A selection of the best quotes from Rugby World Cup 2019 as we build up to this weekend's semi-finals.

"He's trying to take pressure off his own side by getting everyone to talk to us about pressure. Again, smart move, but I'm not buying into it, our players aren’t buying into it. We know we're under pressure, we don't need Eddie to tell us that. What he needs to work out is what are England going to do about the pressure they're under. Because they'll have memories about a tournament four years ago that didn't go that good - so they’ll be under immense pressure themselves."
- New Zealand are under pressure. England are under pressure. Everyone is under pressure, says All Blacks' coach Steve Hansen, above.

 "You very seldom see him in a mouth fight and mudslinging before test matches. I've never been there having to reply to something he says, and he doesn't bite at you to create unnecessary nonsense before a test match."
- South Africa coach Rassie Erasmus is relieved he does not have to get involved in those sorts of mind games with Wales boss Warren Gatland.

"Jordie's a psycho because he's been bullied by 'Scooter' (Scott) and 'Baz' (Beauden). Scooter's the one who's nice and calm, and Baz is like in-between. He does lose it now and again but he does have that calm karma about him. We play a bit of darts in the team room, and Jordie loses the guts if he throws a bad dart. He’s a psycho, an absolute psycho."
- New Zealand's Dane Coles discusses the Barrett family affair.

"He's a bit bigger since the top bunk he slept in - he probably wouldn't fit. I was on the bottom bunk back in 2002. It's great to room with him, he's clearly got his rugby head on because the other night he was sleep-talking and was calling out lineout moves."
- Beauden Barrett is back sharing a room with little brother Scott for the first time in 17 years.

"I'm sure he'll try to add his 10 cents in in the next couple of days. As long as he doesn't follow some of Dad's tactics from ’98 – you probably can't get away with it now."
- Jordie Barrett says his father, former flanker Kevin, will not be able to resist passing on tips to Scott about playing at number six.

"We have had two-and-a-half years to prepare for this game, so we are ready to go. It’s going to be a great contest, isn't it? Two heavyweights, one dressed in black, one dressed in white. You couldn't think of a better scenario."
- England coach Eddie Jones is as excited as anyone about Saturday's semi-final against New Zealand. But maybe he should be talking about pressure.

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