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'If there’s typhoons, that’s a little bit different.'

TOKYO, 16 Sep - A selection of the best quotes from Rugby World Cup 2019 on Monday, 16 September.

"It's a big motivating factor when you lose 92-7."
- Tonga assistant coach Dan Cron (NZL) is keen to put a positive spin on last week's 85-point defeat by the All Blacks.

"Our team wants to make the top eight. The last world cup Japan did very very well but still didn't make the top eight so that's been the target all along, that's our team goal."
- Japan's New Zealand coach Jamie Joseph, above, reveals the hopes for the Rugby World Cup 2019 hosts. 

"Pressure is a big part of the job and I guess I've been in some pretty big-pressure situations: my mother died a month ago, it's a big pressure for me being the only boy in the family."
- Joseph again, revealing he faces tough times on and off the pitch.  

"It is what it is: you play, you don't play, you play 20, you play 80, you play 60 - whatever it is. I am confident in my game and what I'll bring if I am given the opportunity."
- Australia scrum-half Will Genia has already announced his retirement from international rugby after RWC 2019 and expects it may make a difference to his appearances. 

"It was just a quiet singalong, but good fun. Matt Taylor (Scotland’s defence coach) was probably the best. It is his birthday today and he sang a few songs. He is a better dancer than he is a singer."
- Scotland assistant coach Mike Blair explains the sort of cultural experience offered by Japan that sometimes reveals a little more about ourselves than we thought.  

"In terms of the quality of the grounds, they are incredible. There's so much pride in the preparation of the surface. If it rains, you’d think that surface will probably still be OK. If there’s typhoons, that’s a little bit different."
- as impressed as Ireland's scrum coach Greg Feek (NZL) is by the state of the playing surfaces at RWC 2019, he accepts that things could get extreme.   

"You have got to be enjoying it, that is the No.1 thing. It's a great sport we are in, it's a great opportunity and this is a great facility. I think I have used the word 'great' four times there but that is pretty much what it is."
- Australia skills coach Mick Byrne, a former Australian rules player, espouses a great rugby philosophy everyone can relate to.

"I was seeing about 30 different Wallabies players at the time, so I was a bit of a liability to my team. I had to make a call and come off the field."
- the eye injury Samoa captain Jack Lam picked up during the World Cup warm-up game against Australia on 7 September gave him a view to frighten your average rugby international.  

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