Quotes of the Day - Wednesday, 25 September

Uruguay's sensational 30-27 victory over Fiji set tongues wagging on an emotion-charged day in Kamaishi.

TOKYO, 25 Sep - A selection of the best quotes from Rugby World Cup 2019 on Wednesday, 25 September.

"My house was washed away in the waves and after that, I remember that we had donations from across the world. Once it was decided that Kamaishi would host the Rugby World Cup, there was a huge increase in the construction of the city. That was when we began to understand why Kamaishi was chosen, to help grow the area again."
- Rui Horaguchi, a Kamaishi teenager, tells how Rugby World Cup has helped to heal her home city.

"I don't know where it comes from. It's inside. It's in there. Today, we had to go there to fetch it, and it came."
The source of his team's courage is a mystery for tearful Uruguay captain Juan Manuel Gaminara.

"It's a really good day for Uruguayan rugby."
- Player of the Match Felipe Berchesi's assessment is spot-on, much like his kicking. 

"Nowadays, in professional rugby it's easier to sign on a Pacific player rather than a Uruguayan. We have players just as driven but because nobody knows us, nobody really pays us any attention. That changes today. Our side has world-class players - and today was a testament to it."
- Captain Gaminara, tears dried, gets defiant about Uruguay's growing presence in world rugby. 

"If you had to be very honest about it, will Japan pose a better threat than Scotland? You'd have to say yes based on what they produced at the weekend. It's very important that we understand that as a team."
- Pragmatic Ireland full-back Rob Kearney compares his team's next opponents with their previous, who are ranked ninth and eighth in the world, respectively.

"I got taught early on in my corporate days it's not what you do that's important, it's the legacy that you leave behind. I can walk away from the job at the end and feel satisfied that I did everything I could to make these guys better. And I've given myself entirely to the job. My family moved there, we immersed ourselves in the culture and became part of the fabric of the community."
- New Zealander Milton Haig, Georgia's head coach, who moves to a club-based coaching job in Japan after RWC 2019.

"I think we'll win by 33-20. Why? Because we train hard, and (Johnny) Sexton is not 100 per cent."
- Japan flier Lomano Lemeki is not only knows why they will beat Ireland on Saturday, but also by how much.

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