The ticket re-sale service allows fans to sell tickets for any matches they can no longer attend, at face value, through a secure, transparent and authorised system.
Fans with tickets they can no longer use can log into their existing ticketing account to select the match and seat(s) that they wish to post for re-sale. Once posted for re-sale, tickets will then be released to the general public to purchase on

The simple re-sale service, which is free to use, allows fans to choose which tickets they want to sell. This self-service option will keep fans informed of the status of their tickets with updates throughout the posting and re-sale process. Fans can also log into their account at any stage and withdraw tickets from re-sale should they change their mind.
Any ticket posted for re-sale will appear on the website,, within 72 hours.  
Posting a ticket for re-sale does not guarantee a sale; the seller will only receive payment if the ticket is purchased. If the ticket is sold the selling customer will receive an email notification to confirm the sale.
The official re-sale programme will run up to and during the tournament. There will be a 24 hour cut-off point prior to a match when, if a ticket hasn’t been sold, it will remain the property of the selling fan and made available for them to use to attend the match.