Rugby World Cup France 2023 will celebrate local products

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The France 2023 Organising Committee presented a series of initiatives intended to showcase farmers during Rugby World Cup France 2023 at the 56th Paris International Agricultural Show.

French international player Jessy Trémoulière (27), who works at her family farm in Barlières, Haute-Loire and has been voted World Rugby Women's 15s Player of the Year in 2018, will be the Ambassador.


Historical ties bind rugby and agriculture. Organised in 10 French cities, Rugby World Cup France 2023 will continue this tradition.

It will be an event for French regions and their local products, showcasing French farm to fork expertise: farmers, chefs, local producers, and independent artisans (bakers, butchers, etc.).

Rugby Markets will be created around the competition’s nine stadiums. They will allow the 600,000 foreign visitors and French spectators to buy and enjoy local products.

An Independent farmer and food retailer circle 2023 will also be created to ensure that the food available in stadiums (general public, hospitality, and VIP) comes from local producers.

Finally, “tasting packs” will be combined with tickets sales, offering the opportunity to visit local farms and taste regional products.


In attendance of several members of the French national rugby team and Didier Guillaume, Minister of Agriculture and Food, the France 2023 Organising Committee undertook to develop its project around farming that is reasoned, sustainable, and respectful of the environment.

Through these initiatives, the France 2023 Organising Committee wants to draw inspiration from this year’s Paris International Agricultural Show‘s slogan (‘agriculture is reaching out to you’), focusing on openness, showcasing France’s heritage while protecting the environment, and daring tradition in 2023.

Rugby World Cup France 2023 Managing Director Claude Atcher said "We feel at home here at the Paris International Agricultural Show! Coming from the land, linked by its history to the soil and its population, rugby belongs here.

"Rugby World Cup France 2023 will be a unique opportunity to showcase to the world our expertise in traditional and modern farming, an agriculture respectful of taste that is attentive to animal welfare and to the general public’s demands.

"France’s local products will be celebrated around the competition’s 48 games. 2023 will be the year for French expertise and its farming and cuisine talents, upholding the traditions of local know-how, transcendence, and excellence.

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