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A leader in rail transport, SNCF has become a Rugby World Cup 2023 Official Sponsor. A commitment formalised on Monday, 7 September by Jean-Pierre Farandou, SNCF Group Chairman and Claude Atcher, Rugby World Cup France 2023 Managing Director, as part of the ‘WE LOVE 2023 TOUR’ launch.

The SNCF group is joining forces with Rugby World Cup France 2023 by becoming its second Official Sponsor. One of the world leaders in passenger transport, SNCF has been involved in major sporting events for more than 28 years, including Rugby World Cup 2007 in France.


Present in 120 countries, the SNCF group aims to provide mobility for all throughout France by offering the most convenient and carbon neutral transport solution at rugby’s showcase event. This is an ambition shared by Rugby World Cup France 2023, which aims to have a positive impact for the country and for the planet by being an exemplary and environmentally friendly event.

By committing to Rugby World Cup France 2023, SNCF will offer a transport suitable for all, with the lowest possible carbon footprint. The group will ensure the connection between different competition sites, and will have an essential role in the mobility and gathering of rugby fans all over the country.


By becoming Rugby World Cup France 2023 Official Sponsor, SNCF will particularly be responsible for the travel arrangements of the various teams, referees, competition officials and volunteers. These journeys will be mainly provided by TGV, but also by special trains as well as buses for short journeys.

‘Gares & Connexions’ welcome points, branded with Rugby World Cup France 2023’s colours, will also be set up within train stations to welcome and guide both teams and fans. In addition, SNCF will receive international exposure through the 48 matches of the competition and a dedicated activation programme.

This collaboration is materialising today with the launch of the ‘WE LOVE 2023 TOUR’, three years before Rugby World Cup 2023 kicks off in France.

The train, specially designed by the company Trains Expo Evénement, will roam France for 35 days to present the event and its commitments towards sport, society and the planet. The exhibition brings together the values of proximity, cohesion and territorial anchoring common to the SNCF group and Rugby World Cup France 2023.

After departing Paris, the ‘WE LOVE 2023 TOUR’ will stop in 23 cities until October 12, before a 2nd edition in 2022 that already plans more than 70 stops.

Rugby World Cup France 2023 General Manager Claude Atcher said: ”After the success of 2007, I am delighted with SNCF group’s commitment to Rugby World Cup France 2023, which will take place in the heart of our territories, as close as possible to the French population. We are sharing this ambition to meet the French citizens, connect them with each other, while protecting the environment and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. With the launch of the first ‘WE LOVE 2023 TOUR’, we embark today on a magnificent adventure that will mobilise all our event’s stakeholders, from players to fans, including volunteers and match officials.”

SNCF Group Chairman Jean-Pierre Farandou said: “I am delighted to engage the SNCF Group with Rugby World Cup France 2023, which will connect all regions within our country and carry human values of solidarity and commitment, in which all railway workers recognise themselves. SNCF and its teams will put all their energy into making this great sporting event a resounding worldwide success.”

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