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VISA application requirements vary from country to country, so please refer to the official website for visa application to France or take this online test to find out what is required from your country. 

Foreign citizens will be required to present a passport valid at least until 28 January 2024, immigration cards and proof of vaccination upon entry into the Schengen Area. Some other documents might be required for individuals entering from outside the Schengen visa-free zone. 
For British and foreign nationals, don't forget to take your passport with you when you travel. Keep it within reach to facilitate entry checks in France.

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In line with Rugby World Cup 2023's CSR ambition of minimising the tournament’s carbon footprint, train is the preferred option for travelling between host cities.

French railway operator SNCF is an Official Sponsor of RWC 2023 and offers high speed connections between cities: 

  • Paris (Inner City or CDG Airport) - Marseille : 3 hours
  • Paris (Inner City or CDG Airport ) - Bordeaux 2 hours
  • Paris (Inner City or CDG Airport) - Lyon 2 hours
  • Paris / Lille - London 2:30/1:30
  • Paris (inner City) - Saint Etienne - 2:40 hours
  • Paris (Inner City or CDG Airport ) - Lille - 1 hour 
  • Paris (inner City) - Toulouse 4:15 hours
  • Paris - Nice - 5:15 hours

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 As in 18 other European Union countries, the euro is the official currency of France.

 To find out the current exchange rate, visit this site.


 Electricity in France is 220 volts, 50 hertz alternating current. Sockets are type E.

If you are bringing electrical appliances from abroad, you may need an adapter for the sockets. You may also need a transformer (110V-220V).


The time difference in France (Paris time) is +1 hour compared to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC, London time, otherwise known as GMT, Greenwich Meridian Time).


France has a unique geography. With snow-capped mountains, sun-drenched coastlines and breathtaking landscapes, the country covers an area of 551,200 km2 and stretches 1,000 km from north to south and east to west.
It enjoys a pleasant, temperate climate, with its own distinct seasons.

All the weather information is available at this link.

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France has made many places accessible to people with reduced mobility. With the aim of providing access everywhere and to everyone, many destinations are adapted to PRMs. Visit the official websites of the various regions, departments and municipalities to find out more about these facilities.