Volunteer programme for RWC 2019

The Japan Rugby 2019 organising committee has launched ‘Team No-Side’– the official volunteer programme for Rugby World Cup 2019. ‘Team No-Side’ will be made up of over10,000 volunteers across 12 host cities who will be the faces of the Tournament, showcasing rugby’s values and Japan’s world-famous welcome at Asia’s first Rugby World Cup.

Team No-Side: Meaning of the name

Rugby World Cup 2019 provides a golden opportunity to showcase rugby and its character-building values to a new audience in Japan, while welcoming the world with ‘Japan’s famous hospitality. ‘No-side’ is a rugby term that resonates in Japan. The term was used by referees to essentially signify the end of a rugby match and ‘No-Side’ became a symbol of respect, hospitality and solidarity - no matter how fiercely the battle had been fought on the field, both teams show gratitude to one another, promising to become life-long friends, once the match was over. The objective of the ‘Team No-Side volunteers is to embody the spirit as nurtured and developed with care by Japanese rugby over the years, to help communicate across the seas this notion to see the world as one and ultimately to pave the way for Rugby World Cup’s success.

Recruitment schedule (provisional)

  • Recruitment period: 12:00 on Monday, 23 April, 2018 – Wednesday, 18 July, 2018 (applications have now closed)
  • Interviews to be arranged circa late 2018 onwards
  • Interviews: August – December 2018
  • Interview results to be notified circa January 2019
  • Training to start from January 2019 onwards
  • Volunteer staff assignment to be determined circa summer 2019

Volunteers will play a key role in the delivery of the six-week tournament with a range of roles and in line with the tournament vision, ‘Team No-Side’ will connect with fans, create unforgettable experiences and go forward to deliver an exceptional Rugby World Cup for all.

Recruitment began on 23 April 2018 through an online application process.  The programme will feature a dedicated interview process followed by comprehensive training for successful candidates. Through links with rugby clubs and a collaboration with Tokyo 2020, the programme will deliver a strong legacy of skilled volunteers for the rugby family, the Olympic Games and beyond as Japan establishes itself as a major event destination.

Team No-Side overview 


  • Aged 18 or above as of 31 March, 2019
  • Ability to communicate in Japanese
  • In the case of a minor (under 20 years of age), the written consent of parent/guardian must be submitted.
  • Capable of helping out for a maximum of eight hours per day.

If you have already applied,  you can follow the process by visiting 'My page' log in: https://volunteers.rugbyworldcup.com/vms/mypage/login
Please note this site is only available in Japanese

Recruitment process:

Each applicant will be requested to attend the roadshow and interview to be held in his/her preferred host city.
* Please note in advance that, depending on the number of applications received, a ballot may be used to select the candidates prior to interviews.

Key activities:

  • Operational support in areas within and surrounding each match venue.
  • Guidance at the train stations/airport closest to each venue.
  • Guidance and assistance for visitors at the designated fanzones.

Full details of all the types of volunteer activities to be announced at a later date.

For enquiries:

Please review the FAQs for more information or write to: info_vot@japanrugby2019.or.jp