Predictions game: your chance to choose the finalists

Players, coaches, media and fans from all 20 World Cup countries have had their say in the bracket game and their choices point to a New Zealand - South Africa final. Now you can have your say...

TOKYO, 19 Sep - As the excitement builds towards the opening of Rugby World Cup 2019 on Friday, remember to get your entry into our World Cup predictions game (

Players and coaches are among those who responded when reporters asked for opinions from all 20 teams, from squads, media or fans.

Pool A
All but one of the 20 entrants named Ireland to progress. The only exception was a member of the Japanese media who had Scotland as pool winners. Scotland were the popular choice to progress with Ireland, though Japan were named seven times and Samoa once - by a Samoan.

Pool B
New Zealand were named as winners by 70% of respondents, with South Africa are the only alternative for top position. Italy had the Italian forecaster's vote to go through instead of South Africa. They will need a repeat of their 2016 win against the Springboks for that to happen.

Pool C
England are clear favourites in our poll with 100 per cent backing as winners. Argentina were picked by 10 respondents to join them, France by eight and Tonga and USA by one each. This was the only pool in which all five teams featured as potential qualifiers.

Pool D
Twelve picked Australia to finish top with the rest naming Wales. Our forecasters from Fiji, South Africa and the USA picked Fiji to shock the favourites in this group. Wales would fail according to two people and one reckons Australia will go home early.

New Zealand were picked by 19 of those we asked, England 18, South Africa 16 and Wales 10. Ten possible semi-finalists were named, including Fiji and Japan.


Six different teams featured, with New Zealand (18) leading the way from South Africa (10), England (4), Ireland (4), Wales (3) and Scotland (1).

The All Blacks were chosen to win their fourth World Cup by 11 of our 20 bracket game entrants. South Africa were picked five times, England twice with one vote each for Ireland and Wales.

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