Weather update for France v USA match

World Rugby and Japan Rugby 2019 statement says Pool C match will be played in Fukuoka on Wednesday at 16:45 JST as scheduled.

TOKYO, 30 Sep - World Rugby and the Japan Rugby 2019 Organising Committee have confirmed that the France v USA match will be played in Fukuoka on 2 October at 16:45 JST as scheduled.

The decision has been taken following consultation with our weather information experts and the Japan Meteorological Agency, which confirms that Typhoon Mitag is lessening in strength, tracking further westward away from Japan’s coastline and therefore will not impact the match.

The decision was taken with the full support of the host city Fukuoka and the two teams.

Our primary objective is to always enable a match to be played as scheduled in the best interest of teams, fans and the integrity of the tournament. In line with robust tournament contingency plans, had the match not been able to be played at Fukuoka, an alternative venue would have been used.

While there is every indication that Typhoon Mitag will reduce in strength and have little or no impact on the tournament, we will continue to closely monitor the situation in partnership with our weather information experts, local authorities, transport providers and the teams, and will provide further updates as required. Fans are advised to monitor official Rugby World Cup channels for any updates.

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