Saint-Étienne has a rich industrial past and was considered the industrial capital of Europe in the 19th century. It values its distinctiveness and pioneering spirit and is the only French city to be designated a City of Creative Design by UNESCO.

The richness and variety of the territory lies waiting to be discovered in the Cité du Design; the Musée de la Mine; its theatre, La Comédie de Saint-Étienne; and the Museum of Modern Art. Steeped in history, Saint-Étienne is proud of its unique heritage. A place where the railroad and the waterwheel originated, it has always been a land of invention and innovation, where creativity and audacity are prized.

Sports fans will know how dear the green jersey of Saint-Étienne is to its supporters. Its football team has thrilled generations of fans and excited the entire country. At the Stade Geoffroy-Guichard, internationally known for its incredible atmosphere, the emotional experience cannot be beaten! Having already hosted Rugby World Cup 2007 and UEFA Euro 2016, the stadium will once again resonate with excitement for France 2023.

(Photo: Franck Ribard – Saint-Etienne Métropole)